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Professional Styling Razor for Sale

Shop our very own HCS professional styling razor for sale. Styling razors are most commonly used for blending, fading, and thinning. Styling razors provide precision that you simply can’t achieve with any other tool. Our specific razor consists of feather blades and is made from high-quality metal, so you know it will last for years to come.

How to use styling razors

If you’re wondering how to use styling razors on clients, it’s actually quite simple! Start by holding the styling razor anywhere from a 45–90-degree angle and in quick, precise motions, start shredding away at the hair. This technique is perfect for creating texture and style!

Tip: It’s typically easier to use styling razors on dry hair, so make sure your client’s hair is fully dry before styling.

Place an online order for our professional styling razor for sale to begin creating unique hairstyles your clients will love!

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