Debut Shears

The Debut Scissor line offers great value shears that are affordable and stay sharp. The Debut Shear Line includes swivels, double swivels, black and rainbow shears, chunkers, texturizers, thinners, and much more. The Debut Rage is a black matte finish shear with 10 metal spikes on the handle. The Debut T-S-R is a shear with three finger holes, including a swivel thumb, and rainbow stripes on the blade. The Debut Tulip holds its edge, cuts smoothly, and features beautiful tulips on the handle of the shear.

Some of the Debut shears are forged in Korea and some are cast in Taiwan with Japanese 440C or Japanese V-10 stainless steel. The Debut line has been in production for 20 years and has been an excellent choice for hair stylists.