Shear Tension Adjustment

All shears require correct tension to cut properly. We recommend checking the tension at least once per week. (every day is even better!) 

A shear that is too loose will bend hair.

A shear that is too tight may bend hair and will put unnecessary stress on the blades and will pre-maturely dull them.

Even brand new, high quality shears will not cut properly if the tension is out of adjustment



How to check adjustment:

1. Hold the shears in one hand and point the tips straight up (as shown below)


2. Raise one blade of the shears to a 90 degree angle (as shown below)

3. Let go of the raised blade and let it fall. Pay attention to where the blade stops. 

-If the blades close all the way, the tension is too loose.  

-If the blades stay open or don't close enough, the tension is too tight.


TOO LOOSE. Blades closed all the way



TOO TIGHT. Blade not closing enough or doesn't move at all



 Correct Tension:



1. Determine what kind of tension system you shears use. 

99% of the time, it is one of three screw types:

-Leaf Tension-finger style. (see example below) This is the easiest system to adjust-no tools needed! Using your fingers, simply turn the center dial clockwise to increase tension, and counter-clockwise to loosen. When adjusting you will feel a clicking. We recommend adjusting one click at a time. 

Notice the raised dial that is knurled for better grip.




-Leaf Tension-Tool Style. (see example below) This system works in a series of clicks just like the finger style, the difference being that you adjust with a shear tool instead of your fingers. Clockwise to tighten, counter-clockwise to loosen. We recommend making adjustments one click at a time.

Notice the dial is not raised and has either 2 or 4 "dimples" to accept a shear tool.



-Simple Screw (see example below)  The simple screw style differs from the leaf style in that it does not work in a series of clicks. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten, counter-clockwise to loosen. You will not feel clicks with this style of adjuster. For this reason, It can be easy to adjust the screw too far. We recommend you adjust with small movements of the screw. A small adjustment can make a big difference!



Once you have made an adjustment, re-check the tension.

It may take some back and forth to get the tension set correctly, but overall it is an easy and quick job to do.

Get into a habit of adjusting tension regularly, your shears (and hands) will thank you!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 



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